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Superior Maritime Services, Inc; is based in Weston, Florida; backed by over (35) years experience in a variety of maritime services, including Barge Transportation, Ocean Towage, Cargo and Vessel Brokerage, Project Management and Thirdparty Logistics Provider, Salvage Coordinator & Logistic Support , Dredging Agent & Supporting Services, VOCC (Vessel Operating Common Carrier) providing Worldwide Transportation Services to the U.S Armed Services and Humanitarian Service Providers and Procurement & Delivery of Road & Construction Grade Aggregate, Sand & Cement.

U.S  Military Support :

SMS is an approved Department of Defense contractor providing ocean transportation as a (VOCC ) for the Deployment, Redeployment and repositioning of war & peace time equipment and supplies to the U.S Military Forces stations and bases worldwide.

Project Management & Logistics Planning Services :

SMS provide turnkey planning, management & logistics for the delivery of Capital Plant Construction, Mechanical or Civil Projects supplies and equipment from point of origin to site for domestic and international customers.

Ocean Towage & Tug Services :

Providing Point to Point, Rescue, Contract and Emergency Towing Services, Salvage & Dredging Support and Ship Docking & Assist Services with Chartered or Brokered tugboats.

Cargo & Vessel Brokerage :

SMS represents a number of vessel owners operating a wide range of commercial vessels seeking employment for vessels and arrange vessel for the conveyance of cargo for various mining, construction, salvage,environmental Companies and Port Authorities.

Salvage Support :

SMS provides Logistics and Site Coordination Support to Marine Salvage Companies, ranging from Personnel Support, Support Vessel Chartering & Coordination, Liaison with local authorities, shipping agents, customs brokers, clearing and arranging delivery of Salvage Equipment to and from Casualty Work Sites.

Dredging  Support  :

SMS provides representation, information services and assistance to International Dredging and Marine Construction which includes but not limited to tender preparations and the execution of projects, sourcing material, support and tendering equipment.

Procurement & Delivery of Road & Construction Grade Aggregate , Sand & Cement

SMS provides turnkey procurement & delivery to site of Armour Rock, Rip Rap, Aggregate, Sand & Cement meeting ASTM Standards via Barge or geared self- discharging Bulkers.

List of Services

U.S Military Support

Project Management & Logistics Planning

Ocean Towage & Tug Services

Cargo & Vessel Brokerage

Salvage Support

Dredging Support

Procurement & Delivery of Road & Construction Grade Aggregate,Sand & Cement

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